Whisk & Pin Pancake Mix


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Is there anyone out there who can honestly say they don’t love pancakes? Okay, I don’t see any hands, so let’s move on. When we decided to put together our range of Extraordinary Pancake Mixes, we wanted them to be wholesome, nutritious & last but by no means least, delicious. We wanted them to be like you’d make at home yourself, only better.

We wanted them to be easy to prepare. We wanted them to be as breakfasty as Bacon & Eggs, Scrambled Eggs & Smoked Salmon, Haggis on Toast (sorry, that might just be our Scottish Nicola in the bakery). We wanted each packet to be crammed full of the simplest combination of the finest wholesome ingredients. Well, at the end of that long list of ‘wants’, we’ve managed to satisfy them all. With 3 gorgeous wholesome Organic & Gluten Free mixes to choose from, there’s a flavour to satisfy everyone. Even Nicola.

– Whisk & Pin

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Apple & Spice, Cranberry & Orange